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Wondering what our "Buyers Wishlist" is?

We have Buyers' all over Ottawa looking for specifics. Some just missed out on homes in your area and those that want to wait until the perfect home is found.

That’s why we have implemented our Buyers Wishlist Program.

Our Buyers Wishlist Program was created for our pre-qualified clients to assist them in finding their dream homes quicker than the standard methods that typical agents use.

While we actively search the ongoing list of current, new and upcoming listings in your target area. We also post the wishlist to and market your specific wishlist the same way we market our Seller Listings to potential buyers via classifieds, online community groups, our own Facebook page and we even run paid Facebook ads that target your specific area of interest.

This not only gives a choice of multiple listings that are available, it starts bringing the listings to us and every once in a while we find homes that match your criteria that aren’t even on the market yet was the tipping point in the home owners decision to sell their home. And guess what…. You get first dibs!

Most of the time we are able to get an agreement between you and Seller without the property even hitting the market which results in saving the seller valuable time and money!

All buyers who wish to participate in this program must meet a few conditions.

  1. You must be pre-approved for financing. ( We can help there too! )
  2. You must sign a buyers agreement. ( see our Easy Exit Policy )
  3. You must want to live in a desired area and define it’s borders.
  4. Ready to make an offer if your ideal home becomes available.

What’s Involved?

It’s just a few steps really. We first arrange a Buyer Consultation ( usually at our office – 610 Bronson Avenue ) to go through your wants, needs, price point and options available to you. If from there, you decide that we are the right fit for you, we will have you sign a Buyers Representation Agreement that will list the terms and conditions of your agreement, the time period and if there will be any fees you may have to pay if we are unable to negotiate a small commission from the seller. 

Immediately you are set up for searches in our system and we begin the house hunting process to find you your dream home. If you have chosen to take part in our Wishlist Program we ask you obtain a pre-approval of financing. If you need help with this, we can introduce you to one of our preferred lenders who have handled this process for many of our clients.

Once we obtain confirmation from your lender that you have your pre-approval we then begin creating your Wishlist item that includes your max budget, location, min. beds & baths and any other items you need to include and the marketing of your wishlist begins.

Once we receive a potential match, we will set up a showing with the seller and if the home is to your liking we begin the negotiations with the Seller on your behalf.

Check out our Buyers Wishlist Listings Here


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